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SEA CREST (RID) Stallion

1979 - 2007. Class 1 Registered Irish Draught 167cm.

Grey Stallion. 18%(TB)

SeaCrest was a very sucessiful Grade A Showjumper Ridden by Edward Doyle In the 1980's winning numerous National Grand Prix's, and was unbeatable on the indoor circuit. He sired many International Showjumpers and Eventers  Including Cruising CSIO5* WEG, European champion ships, nations cups and winner of many Grand prix's including Aachen CSI5* , Lenamore CCI4* & Olympics 2012 .                 
Cash Flow  CSIO4* , Nires Crest  (Scandinavian) , Hoochi Koochi (Spain) CCI4* & Olympics 1996
Ladaka (Irl) CCI4* & Olympics 1998, Cruise Forever, Cloud Burst, The Irish One , Menuhin (Canadian),
Sir Rivie (RID) Stallion, Mexican Wave , hyds sea Quest (RID) Stallion, and many more.


SEA CREST (RID) Stallion

                                                                      GALTY PRINCE
                                                                         1941; RID

                                                  1957; RID

                                                                            1952; RID

                            1975 RID 

                                                                          ARCTIC QUE
                                                                           1968; TB

                                              ARCTIC LASS    
                                                 1972; ISH

                                                                     BARNARD LASS
                                                                             1968; ISH

MALE; 1979; RID

                                                                       FOREST HERO
                                                                             1936; RID

                                                     1943; RID

                                                                         UNION HALL
                                                                              1938; RID

                            SEA SPRAY
                           1960; RID 

                                                                         DANNY BOY
                                                                             1931; RID

                                                OLANDA  4058
                                                  1950; RID

                                                                                1936; RID

Limited Availablity of frozen semen
From Hartwell Stud


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